Session 1

Outcomes of the 2008 Conference and work of the Access to Medicines Working Group

Opening Address by David Learmonth, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Ageing and Mr Will Delaat, Chairman, Medicines Australia  296k

Audio of David Learmonth’s presentation  4526k

Audio Will Delaat’s presentation  2643k

Health Technology Assessment for future generations

Keynote Address by Professor Lloyd Sansom AO, Emeritus Professor, Division of Health Sciences, University of South Australia  863k

Audio of Professor Lloyd Sansom’s presentation  7732k

Session 2

Data requirements for the future: High cost/highly targeted therapies

Presentation by Professor Kathryn A. Phillips, Professor of Health Economics and Health Services Research, University of California, San Francisco  1162k

Audio of Professor Kathryn Phillip’s presentation  6100k

Policy Challenges

Presentation by Professor Robyn Ward, Clinical Associate Dean, Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of NSW  3662k

Audio of Professor Robyn Ward’s presentation  5264k

Ethics in drug development process: Societal perspectives

Presentation by Ms Jennifer Doggett, Fellow, Centre for Policy Development 2087k

Audio of Jennifer Doggett’s presentation  6600k

Session 3

Sensitive health information and privacy

Presentation by Mr Malcolm Crompton, Managing Director, Information Integrity Solutions P/L  3271k

Audio of Malcolm Crompton’s presentation  3363k

Boosting policy relevant research using linked administrative data

Presentation by Professor Louisa Jorm, Foundation Professor of Population Health, University of Western Sydney  5527k

Audio of Professor Louisa Jorm’s presentation  5529k

Issues for consumers

Audio of Karen Carey’s presentation  2711k

Session 5

Looking back and looking forward: How did we get here?

Presentation by Professor Lloyd Sansom AO, Emeritus Professor, Division of Health Sciences, University of South Australia  863k

Audio of Professor Lloyd Sansom’s presentation  4077k

The importance of documentation

Presentation by Dr Ross Maxwell, Procedural Rural Doctor (Queensland), and Prescribing Expert on the National Medicines Policy  917k

Audio of Dr Ross Maxwell’s presentation  3383k

What developments will impact on medicines policy in the future

Audio of Dr Brendan Shaw’s presentation  3434k

Session 6

Focus on paediatric health

Audio of Sean Beggs presentation  3880k

Access to medicines for special patients and target groups

Presentation by Ms Deborah Waterhouse, General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Australia and New Zealand  7936k

Audio of Deborah Waterhouse’s presentation  3220k

Session 7

Investment decisions in drug development

Presentation by Dr Steve J. Romano, Senior Vice President, Pfizer, New York  1057k

Audio of Dr Steve Romano’s presentation  6950k

Innovation dilemma: The case of antimicrobials

Presentation by Professor John Turnidge, Clinical Director of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases for SA Pathology, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide  1418k

Audio of Professor John Turnidge’s presentation  4840k

Valuing innovation: HTA practise and the impact for future medicines

Presentation by Mr Mendel Grobler, Director, Patient Access, Pfizer Australia  359k

Audio of Medel Grobler’s presentation 4622k